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Reasons why you should elope

Eloping is becoming a more and more popular phenomenon. With covid keeping people from gathering in groups and venues, including many churches, being temporarily closed, many love birds are looking to quick and simple solutions to tie the knot. In the past, eloping was seen as a kind of radical idea, reserved for the free spirits among us. However, today, eloping is actually becoming a default choice among many couples and is seen by many as a responsible choice. That’s right. Responsible, considering the appalling news stories we’ve read over the past year about massive wedding gatherings held in secret which later led to covid outbreaks, government fines, and public shaming.

Now, you may be wondering why I would be writing a blog post about eloping when I run a wedding planning business. The answer is simple: I know that if I do my part to encourage this world to be safer during the pandemic, then after the pandemic is over, folks will once again return to the world of big weddings.

So, during the pandemic, if you’re looking for a few good reasons why you should elope, here are some:

Reasons why you should elope

(1) You don’t have to rent a wedding venue

(2) You don’t have to entertain virus-laden guests

(3) You can get to the honeymoon quicker

(4) You don’t have to spend money on expensive outfits, including an expensive dress!

(5) You don’t have to worry about hiring a caterer

(6) You can focus more on each other and less on others

(7) You can become friends with the judge, which might end up being a benefit in the future.


Marriage is a great institution, but sometimes I think we overproduced the ceremony. If there’s one good thing that’s arisen from the covid crap it’s that the simple things in life really are important to remain focused on. So, if you’re getting married and are considering eloping, I hope this blog post helps you feel more confident in choosing to do so!

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